Right now, people across the U.S. need masks. And we’ll probably need them for a while.

Wearing a non-medical face covering in public is an important step we should all take to protect ourselves and our community.

Maybe you need a mask for yourself or a few for your family and friends. Or you might be hoping to get more than a few for others who need them—your local hospitals, retirement communities, non-profits, businesses, anyone and everyone.

Together, let’s make it so everyone in the U.S. has access to the face masks we need to keep each other safe.

How you can help.

Wear a mask

If you wear a mask when in public, you're already helping. Thank you.

Get a mask

If you don’t have a mask, we can help find one for you, your family or others in your community. We appreciate you being caring and responsible.

Help me get a mask

Make masks

If you can make masks, we’ll connect you with those who need them. We can also help you find materials and postage.

I want to make masks

Donate materials

Fabric. Thread. Elastic. Envelopes. Stamps. You might have stuff already lying around your house. Or you may have the resources to purchase materials. We’ll connect you with mask makers who need more supplies.

I'd like to donate materials

Tell everyone

Let everyone know how they can help—your friends, your co-workers, your grandparents. Post on your social media. The more people know, the more people we can help together. Thank you!

Give money

Donate to to our fund. Your donation will be used to buy fabric, elastic, postage and other supplies makers need.

Who we are

We are Rocket Referrals, a software company in Des Moines, Iowa. In our day-to-day we help companies grow their businesses. As COVID-19 continues to affect our communities, we’ve found a way to connect people who want to help with those who need help.

CDC recommends use of cloth face coverings to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

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