Register your distribution center.

When you register your distribution center, people looking for a mask will be able to pick one up from your location.

What is a distribution center?
A distribution center is any location, business or organization that is safely distributing masks to the public for free.
Can I sell masks?
No. Please only register if you’re distributing masks for free. We will remove any listings that are using as a way to profit.
What types of masks can I distribute?
Non-medical grade, fabric face masks for adults and children that meet CDC guidelines. We're only registering distribution centers that have masks for the general public that aid in social distancing. We're not registering centers that are only distributing medical grade masks.
How does becoming a distribution center work?
After you register, people looking for a mask will be able to find your organization on our map and be directed to pick one up from your location.
Are we required to ship masks?
No. When you register as a distribution center, you won’t be asked to ship masks. If you'd like to be a distribution center and you can also ship masks, please register as a maker and we'll send you a list of people who need masks shipped to them.
We have masks but no way to distribute them. How can I help?
Please look for a distribution center in your area and consider donating masks to them for distribution. Or, email us and we can help find someone to distribute your masks.
What happens if we run out of masks?
You can log in and update your profile and remove it from our list of distribution centers.
How many masks do I need to have to be a distribution center?
There is no requirement for a number of masks. We welcome any organization or group that has the ability to safely distribute masks.