People need masks. Makers can help.

Wearing a face covering in public is an important step we should all take to protect ourselves and our community. But not everyone has the skills to make the masks or the ability to buy one.

Join hundreds of makers across the U.S. hard at work sewing and shipping free masks to those who need them.

Together, let’s make it so everyone in the U.S. has access to the face masks we need to keep each other safe.

I'm ready to help.

Here's how you can help

Step 1

Someone in need requests a mask

People who can’t buy or make masks will request one from our web site.

Step 2

We send you the details

If you're the nearest available maker, we'll send you an email with the details along with a short message from the person who asked for the mask.

Step 3

You make and ship the mask

People need reusable, non-medical grade, fabric face masks for adults and children. Masks should meet the latest CDC guidelines. Exact style is entirely up to you, we just ask that it’s a quality, clean mask that can be washed. All masks you donate must be made from new or lightly used fabrics without holes or stains.

If you need supplies or postage you can request them from a donor within your account.

Step 4

People wear your mask and thank you!

You're saving lives and slowing the spread of COVID-19. You're going to love the thoughtful messages people will send you though our website in return for your gratitude.

Ready to help? Have questions?

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