Help me get a mask.

Makers donate their time and materials to make free masks for those who can’t buy or make them. If you’re able to, please register as a donor to help provide supplies. Or consider a monetary donation to our fund so we can purchase fabric, thread, elastic and postage for makers.

Please note

There has been a large increase in demand for masks and it may be several weeks before a maker can fulfill your request. All requests are first come first served.

We need more makers to help get masks to more people. Please share this site with any group or person that you know who can make masks and would like to donate their time and materials for people in need.

How many people in your family need a mask?

Size and style requirements

Specify a child's age or size and the size and style requests for adults.
Makers cannot guarantee style or color, but if you have work requirements or style preference please let them know.

What types of mask(s) do you need?

Choosing both will match you with the first available.

How should we update you on your request?

We won't share this with anyone. We will send you updates on your request.

Leave a special note for the person making your mask(s).

This note can go a long way to help makers. They use their own materials and postage.