How to ship your masks

Ship your masks by putting them in your home mailbox or by scheduling a pickup with UPS, FedEx or the U.S. Postal Service. Don’t drop your masks off at people’s homes and don’t use special couriers unless you’re working with an organization distributing masks.

Ship your masks from home. You only need postage stamps, envelopes and a pen.

What you need to mail masks:


To send one mask, all you need is a regular envelope. If mailing several masks in one package, you’ll need a larger and more durable envelope. We recommend lightweight, tear-proof mailers.

Pen or permanent marker

A pen will work for writing your address on a paper envelope. But if you're writing on poly mailers, use a permanent marker so the address doesn't rub off. We want to be sure your mask makes it home.


You need one U.S. Postal Service Forever 55cent stamp and one 15cent extra ounce stamp to mail a single mask. You can find stamps at most grocery stores or online at Only buy from a trusted source.

How to mail your masks using stamps:

Step 1

Pick your envelope

Smaller envelopes need one Forever stamp and one 15cent extra ounce stamp, but they only fit a single mask. Larger envelopes can fit multiple masks but cost more to send. This chart will help you determine the best way to go.

Number of masks
regular or business
up to 1/4" thick
business or 6"x9"
up to 3/4" thick
up to 3/4" thick
up to 3/4" thick

Step 2

Prepare the envelope

Clearly write the address where you’re mailing your awesome masks. You don’t need to include your return address. After you write the address, put on the stamp(s). First time mailing something?

Step 3

Add your masks and a note

Wrap your masks individually in sandwich baggies to keep them clean. Stuff the envelope and include a nice note, it will mean a lot. Seal it up (without licking) and you’re about done.

Step 4

Mail the envelope

You can put the envelope in your home mailbox or request a free pickup online. You don’t need to leave your home or drop it off anywhere. Thanks for making a difference!